Unique Original Carved Rings


 all Rings are carved from Deer Antlers  I'm happy to make a ring to suitable size and any faces etc.. 

*Make an enquiry

Fumio usually have 20 pieces of carved rings for sale

roughly $200~$550/ring, Depends on the face and size

Hannya / carved in April 2018

Skull / latest work / March 2018.  *for sale

Ni-oh  A-Gyo(mouth open) / Kongorikishi

 *commission work

Hannya / Skull     

NiOh  "N-Gyo" (mouth shut) = Kongo- Rikishi / Gate Guardian of Temple       Sold    similar ones available


Otafuku / Ofuku


Otafuku (also known as Uzume, Ofuku, Okame) was a popular Shinto female deity. Her appearance is that of a plump, full-cheeked young woman whose face and scant clothing express mirth and sexuality.

The name itself means Good Luck and prosperity. She is a popular mask for festivals or plays. Her happy appearance is believed she brings you good fortune and happiness.



(Noh Play Mask)


Hannya is representing jealous female demon. Maybe it is one of the most well-known Noh Play mask. The mask expresses four emotions, such as angry, sad, calm and joy from different angles and movement. This Ring does too!

Hannya mask is seen in many houses in Japan for protecting from bad spirits or evils. 


Kongo-Rikishi (Ni-Oh)   

The gate guardians for temples. They are a pair and stand the first gate of temples to guard the Idol.

"A-Gyo"=Mouth Open (The beginning )

"N-gyo"=Mouth Shut ( The last )


Beshimi Mask Ring $250~


*Deer Antler

Beshimi is a character of Noh Play. His appearance is scary but gives you a hand when you need it.


Buaku / Kyogen play mask