Fumio performs Taiko Drum playing in a festival
Fumio performs Taiko Drum playing in a festival

Fumio Noguchi


Born: 1964
          Gunma, Japan


Began Carving: in February 2000   


Former/Other Occupation: Editor of running magazine / Bed & Breakfast Owner & Operator


Favourite Subjects in Netsuke: Aquatic creatures, New Zealand Native Animals,  Small creatures(insects, amphibians, etc..), Japanese Legends and traditional theme.


 Tools: Files, Needle Files, Handmade Chisels(Hidari-ba), Dremel, Sand Papers, Willow Tree twig, Tokusa(sanding plant)


Favorite leisure activity:
Running, Playing Darts, Drinking Wine, Beer and Sake, Collecting antique Netsuke, Visiting Antique shops, looking for old and retro things

Artists in his close Family:
Animal Taxidermist (Hakusei-shi), Rock singer-song writer,  Bonsai-Artists, Buddhism Art Painter, Jade Carver(son=Kyohei Noguchi) 

      About *Kyohei Noguchi


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I started carving in the year 2000 under the guidance of David Paki who is a Maori Carving Teacher in Christchurch. The very first bone piece I made (only used Coping Saw, Files and Sandpapers) was beautiful enough to let me into carving world. Paki taught me the importance of hand tools that I still use mainly. I finish every piece by hand sanding/polishing using 1000 ~ 2000 grid wet & dry sandpaper. Lately, I started using "Tokusa" = sanding plant for sanding for Netsuke and polishing  with the dust powder of Deer antler.

Shifting to carve Japanese Netsuke might be a natural flow for me. As a descendant of Samurai (believed since 14th century), I'm very interested in the life of EDO ERA(1603~1867). I enjoy reading books about the life and people in Edo period.  I was captivated Netsuke’s interesting design, behind stories, size and exquisite craftsmanship. So, I started to collect Netsuke books and antique Netsuke, then contacting other carvers and dealers and still learning about it. 

In 2015, I was lucky enough to get advise from Japanese Master Netsuke Carvers in Tokyo. Mr Ryushi  Komada even gave me a couple of his handmade chisels which work really well. Mr Akira Kuroiwa also gave me some useful tools and hint.

 Since I stated carving, Owen Mapp (Paraparaumu, NZ) is the person who has influenced and inspired me a lot. His work, personality, knowledge, his every words to me are very precious.


*In 2022, Two of Fumio's Netsuke were bought from "Museum of International Folk Art" in Santa Fe, USA.