Here are some sold works and NFS items that Fumio has done.

***** Click photo to enlarge *****

Resting Kirin 

 Dimensions: 49mmL X 38mmH X 29mmD

Octopus Kagamibuta Netsuke

 Finished Dec 2021

*Octopus carving is also wearable as a Necklace

Kirin Netsuke 2020.   *Not for Sale

 Dimensions: 111mmH X 43mmW X 20mm D.     finished April 2020

Tuatara (Spiny Back) / Okimono, Necklace.  

 82mm X 78mm across, 48mm high , 185g

Carved from Deer Antler Crown, Inlaid Goat Horn Eyes

*one of the NZ's Icon, Tuatara with Silver Ferns on bottom.   Finished Oct 2020


Baku / a Mythical Creature which devours Nightmares .          *Sold

 carved from Deer Antler 

Happy Lucky Sparrow Couple 

 Material: Walnut, Goat Horn, Tortoise Shell