Here are some sold works and NFS items that Fumio has done.

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Resting Kirin 

 Dimensions: 49mmL X 38mmH X 29mmD

Octopus Kagamibuta Netsuke

 Finished Dec 2021

*Octopus carving is also wearable as a Necklace

Kirin Netsuke 2020.   *Not for Sale

 Dimensions: 111mmH X 43mmW X 20mm D.     finished April 2020

RAIDEN making TAIKO Drum          28mm H x 31mm W

Materials: Deer Antler, Ebony (as Drum's Neils)

Crabs' Sumo Wrestling        

 Materials; Deer Antler, Buffalo Horn, Shell    49mm

YukiーOnna (雪女)=Snow Woman  


*Now it is exhibited at "Museum of International Folk Art" in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

KARASU TENGU /Off to the Sky         

Now it is exhibited at "Museum of International Folk Art" in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.