*Enquiries about these items, please contact Fumio through this web site. Thank you

Humpback Whale/ Necklace or Ornament / 80mm long

 Materials: Whale Tooth, Buffalo Horn

*The Base (Pounamu) is not for sale. 


 materials: Deer Antler Crown, Goat Horn(inlaid eyes)

 Dimensions: 68mmH X 66mmW X 26mmD

Great display item or Necklace, Netsuke

Paua and starfish / Necklace       *SOLD

 Material: Cow Bone

 *This string is temporary only for photo shooting.  Plated thick cord will be attached.


 Silver Ferns and Moa Foot print carved on Deer Antler Crown (76mm X 71mm). Nice and big size

Humpback Whale / Necklace

 Materials: Wild Pig Tusk, Buffalo Horn

 90mm Length

Huia Beak / Necklace

 Material: Deer Antler



Dragon's Claw

 Material: Deer Antler


Calling Frog.      *SOLD

 Materials: Whale Tooth, Buffalo Horn

 14mm tall

Humpback Whale / Okimono Ornament, Ring

 Materials : Cow Bone, Buffalo Horn (Whale) . Rimu, Paua shell and Deer antler (Display Stand)

Huia Skull Necklace         

 Material: Deer Antler

Cuttlefish Necklace

 Materials: Cow Bone, Mother of Pearl, Goat Horn

Haast Giant Eagle / Necklace         *Sold

 Materials: Deer Antler, Ebony

Humpback Whale / Okimono, Necklace

 Materials: Whale Tooth, Goat Horn


Kakapo Necklace 

 Material: Deer Antler Crown / Buffalo Horn(eyes) 

 Endangered Parrot, Kakapo. Flightless, nocturnal and heavyweight New Zealand bird. A Feather is carved on backside.

Kakapo Necklace #2


 Materials: Deer Antler, Paua shell


Hei Tiki

 Materials: Deer Antler Crown, paua shell


Puffer fish / Okimono         *SOLD

 Materials: Whale Bone, Mother of Pearl

Bat / Okimono (small ornament)

 Materials: Whale Tooth, Goat Horn

 29mm High

Otafuku / Necklace           *SOLD

 Material: Deer Antler


Otafuku, the character brings you GOOD FORTUNE.


Cuttlefish Necklace

 carved from Cow Bone with Mother of Pearl Shell and Goat Horn


Blue Whale / Necklace, Tiny ornament (*individual sale) 

 Material: Pilot Whale Tooth, Goat horn (can't be made again, because these are the last stock of the material)

Sansyo-Uo = Japanese Giant Salamander

 carved from Black Coral

 can be worn as a Necklace


 Material: Pilot Whale's Ear Bone


 carved from Pilot Whale Ear Bone .   It is believed that Bat brings happiness and Good fortune in Japan.   *can be worn as a necklace

 47mm long

Tadpoles and Shell

 Material : Deer Antler

降り龍 Kudari-Ryu / Dragon from the Heaven (messenger of the god)

 Carved from Deer Antler, Red Coral, Mother of Pearl, Goat Horn

can be worn as a Necklace / 79mm wide

Frog thinking about new world

 carved from Deer Antler / finished Nov 2017

 * Sold

Humpback Whale / ornament, Okimono

 Cow Bone (one piece) with Deer Antler Crown Base

 for sale 

Humpback Whale / Necklace .   *Sold

carved from Cow Bone (one piece)

Goat Horn inlaid(eyes)

93mm     for sale 

Kiwi Bird Skeleton / Necklace.        *Sold

 carved from deer antler crown