materials: Deer Antler Crown, Goat Horn(inlaid eyes)

 Dimensions: 68mmH X 66mmW X 26mmD

Great display item or Necklace, Netsuke

Humpback Whale / Okimono, Necklace

 Materials: Whale Tooth, Goat Horn


Kakapo Necklace .  

 Material: Deer Antler Crown / Goat Horn(eyes) / New

 Endangered Parrot, Kakapo. Flightless, nocturnal and heavyweight New Zealand bird. I used the rim of the crown for expression of the bird. Backside is a feather. 


 Materials: Deer Antler, Paua shell



 Materials: Deer Antler, Goat Horn


Hei Tiki

 Materials: Deer Antler Crown, paua shell


Manta ray

 material: Cow Bone

Puffer fish / Okimono

 Materials: Whale Bone, Mother of Pearl

Cuttlefish Necklace 3

 Material: Cow Bone, Paua Shell

Bat / Okimono (small ornament)

 Materials: Whale Tooth, Goat Horn

 29mm High

Otafuku / Necklace

 Material: Deer Antler


Otafuku, the character brings you GOOD FORTUNE.


Bean Pod / Necklace

  Material: Deer Antler

Cuttlefish Necklace

 carved from Cow Bone with Mother of Pearl Shell and Goat Horn


Cuttlefish #2 .    *Sold

 Material: Cow Bone, Mother of Pearl / 45mm

Blue Whale / Necklace, Tiny ornament (*individual sale) 

 Material: Pilot Whale Tooth, Goat horn (can't be made again, because these are the last stock of the material)

Whale on Tusk / Necklace

 Material : Wild Pig Tusk, Goat Horn, capped by Cow Bone

Frog .       *Sold

 Material: Whale Tooth, Bekko(Tortoise Shell) with Gold Leaf

*carved from tip of Whale tooth.     

Sansyo-Uo = Japanese Giant Salamander

 carved from Black Coral

 can be worn as a Necklace


 Material: Pilot Whale's Ear Bone

Hei Tiki  *Sold

 carved from Deer Antler Crown, Paua Shell


 carved from Pilot Whale Ear Bone .   It is believed that Bat brings happiness and Good fortune in Japan.   *can be worn as a necklace

 47mm long

Blue Whale 

 Materials: Whale Bone, Goat Horn(inlaid Eyes)

 62mm length

Fugu / Puffer Fish

 carved from Whale Bone. Mother of Pearl for eyes

Fugu=Pufferfish is a highly praised food in Japan. Fugu the word is similar with Fuku which means Good Fortune, so it's believed it brings you good fortune. 

Tadpoles and Shell

 Material : Deer Antler

降り龍 Kudari-Ryu / Dragon from the Heaven (messenger of the god)

 Carved from Deer Antler, Red Coral, Mother of Pearl, Goat Horn

can be worn as a Necklace / 79mm wide

Frog .  *SOLD

 Tiny frog carving from Whale Tooth with Tortoise shell eyes .        21mm

Frog thinking about new world

 carved from Deer Antler / finished Nov 2017

 * For Sale

Squid Letter Opener

 carved from Cow Bone with Goat Horn inlaid

 180mm   *For Sale

Humpback Whale / ornament, Okimono

 Cow Bone (one piece) with Deer Antler Crown Base

 for sale 

Humpback Whale / Necklace .   *Sold

carved from Cow Bone (one piece)

Goat Horn inlaid(eyes)

93mm     for sale 

Kiwi Bird Skeleton / Necklace

 carved from deer antler crown

for sale 


Carved from deer antler


Hair Pin / Kanzashi

Carved from Deer Antler

Paua shell on top (like flower)

145mm long  for sale

Rocky Shore / Netsuke (can be worn as a necklace)   Crab, Starfish and Paua

carved from Deer Antler Crown, Paua shell and mother of Pearl

for sale  

Humpback Whale

 Carved from Sperm Whale Tooth / Can be worn as a Necklace 

 Goat Horn eyes  * for sale

New Life / Deer Antler



 Material: Sperm Whale Tooth + Merino sheep horn + Bull Horn 

This octopus Netsuke is beautifully done by using natural colour of the material.

White part is the outside of the tooth and yellower part is the inside ivory. Octopuses change their body colour, so I used the material feature to give it reality.  Sold



Material: Wild Pig Tusk

Size: 55mm