Netsuke for Sale

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*Antique Netsuke from Fumio's collection for sale click "Here

KoOni is playing with Oni(Hannya) Mask
42mm Netsuke
carved from Deer Antler
*KoOni is a kid of Demon/Ogre and is a bit naughty, but adorable rather than scary. He is trying to pretend he is big and scary.
"Himotoshi" holes are formed in between legs
I have checked the balance when I put cord and hung Inro, that was good. 
『鬼の面で遊ぶ小鬼』 42mm 鹿角

Sleeping Cat / Nemuri Neko .  Netsuke

 carved from Deer Antler Crown

 41mm wide

Squid Netsuke

 carved from Deer Antler with Mother of (Black) Pearl


Nioh / Kongo rikishi "A"gyo Netsuke

 One of the Nioh who protects the Idol of the Temple

 This is "A" Gyo who is mouth open and stands western side of the gate

 carved from Deer Antler


Tuatara / Living Dinosaur / Netsuke, Necklace

 carved from Deer Antler

105mm length


Shakuhachi Netsuke

 carved from Deer Leg Bone

 150mm length

 you can play music, but very different note from real Bamboo Shakuhachi

Crab on Lotus Leaf

 Material: Whale Tooth, Paua/abalone shell

 60mm long

Awabi / Paua/ Abalone  with Starfish

 carved from Deer Antler Crown


The rim of the original Antler represents Paua's Foot

"Syunga" Netsuke

Crab Netsuke

 Deer Antler Crown/ Goat horn

 44mm W, 33mm D, 17.5mmThickness *Sold

Koi Carp going up the waterfall / 鯉の滝登り

Carved from Deer Antler with Paua shell(as a water pool on top and two little ones for water drops)

Popular design in Japanese Kakejyuku (scroll) .This particular design means "success" "accomplishment". Carp is believed as the only fish who can swim up water fall and the become Dragon.

67mm * For Sale

Toad / Gama

 much the same style of Toad which I carved before. Carved from Deer Antler and the eyes are from Antique Tortoise shell / Gold Leaf on Background (I tried to shows the dazzling light after hibernation)

54mm   *only available small one = 46mm length 


Kiyohime / Dojoji Netsuke


Grazing Horse

 Material: Deer Antler Crown, Goat Horn(eyes)

 48mm tall

Octopus catching a fish

 Deer Antler/ Black Pearl Shell

 95mm *Sold


 Material: Deer Antler, Mother of Pearl, Goat Horn

 57mm length / available at Suter Art Gallery

Sperm Whale VS Giant Squid

 Material: Deer Antler, Goat Horn, Tortoise shell(red eyes)

 43mm wide X 40mm hight

 I used unique natural shape of antler to carve a squid and Whale.

 nice to ware as a necklace 

Hannya / Demonised Female Play Mask    *Sold

 Material: Deer Antler Crown


 Hair pin is carved on back side

Puppy . *Sold

 Material: Deer Antler, Goat Horn

 57mm W X 35mm H

 The antler has got unique colour and texture. I meant it as patchy pattern of the dog.

Himotoshi is formed in between the body and right legs

Kyubi no Kitsune / Nine tailed Fox  *Sold

 Ghost like disguised Fox which has nine tails(from Japanese Legend). The Fox was wanted from the people, so it ran away to Shimotsuke-no-Kuni and then turned Stone.The stone turns ghost each night and annoyed the people. The stone is still there in 21st century. (I went there to have a look in 2016)

The carving shows the Fox is flying to Shimotsuke-no-kuni with Gyoku-stone(which is actually I used Yellow Crystal which I bought in a stone museum near the Fox Stone)  

Tuatara (survivor from dinosaur age) clinging on a Stone 

  Deer Antler, Wild Goat Horn

  36mm High

Crab   *Sold

carved from Deer Antler Crown, Mountain Goat Horn

40mm width  

Nicely rounded to hold and play on palm


 Tagua Nut(Vegetable Ivory), Wild Goat Horn

46mm High

New Zealand Native Parrot. Nocturnal. Heaviest and flightless Parrot


 Tagua Nut(Vegetable Ivory), Inlaid Merino sheep horn & Goat Horn eyes

42mm / Nice holding size 

Octopus Manju Netsuke  

 Deer Antler Crown, Inlaid Merino Sheep Horn & Goat Horn Eyes


Hakuzosu = Fox in the disguise of a priest    

 One of the very popular Netsuke theme which I love too. This Hakuzosu alludes to the Kyogen plays "Tsurigitune" originating in the story of a priest of the Eitoku era(1381-1384) who worshiped the rice deity Inaba and was protected by three magic foxes. In the plays, a fox transforms itself into a priest and uses this disguise to warn humans of the dangers of pursuing its fellow animals. 

I carved this from Hippopotamus tooth. 80mm high.  *not available


 Carved from Hippo Tooth

 43mm tall

"Day Dream" Lady Octopus  

 carved from deer antler

 Double inlaid eyes( Merino Sheep Horn and Wild Goat Horn)


Tuatara (Spiny Back) / Netsuke, Necklace  

carved from deer antler crown

inlaid eyes(wild goat horn)

73mm wide X 35mm high / available at Suter Art Gallery

Giant Snail   

carved from Deer Antler Crown

Tortoise shell + Mountain Goat horn for eyes

* Available from Gallery Pacific

Watching You! / のぞき穴 

Material: Deer Antler Crown

             Tortoise shell, Goat Horn (eyes)

             Paua Shell/ Abalone (signature)


 The idea is an octopus is hiding under the empty Paua shell and it's watching outside through a hole of abalone to find a prey.

Nozarashi (abandoned skull) 

 Deer Antler, Goat Horn

 Himotoshi Holes are hidden by snake nicely

Kaeru / Frog *Sold

 Boxwood, Goat Horn .  *The Boxwood's grown in Nelson Region

Thinking Frog / かんがえる(かん蛙)★ Sold

This Netsuke comes from playing word in Japanese.

Tiny cute piece , 25mm high. Carved from deer antler. Inlaid goat horn eyes.

It could be a Ojime because of the size, but I decided it to be a Nestuke ( also wearable from your neck). Himotoshi Hole on his Back.


Weta belong to the same order as crickets and grasshoppers, but are virtually unchanged from their ancestors of 190 million years ago(more ancient than Tuatara). One of New Zealand's most fascinating and significant animals.

Carved from Deer Antler Crown

Eyes inlaid by Goat Horn 

46mm L      *Sold


Carved from Deer Antler Crown, Goat Horn for Eyes

Blue Whale / Sperm Whale Tooth, Goat Horn for eyes 

 68.6mm long 

I used the natural shape of the whole whale tooth. So the whale looks more lively.