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 *Materials : Tagua Nut, Buffalo Horn



Crabs and Abalone

"This is Mine" "No, it's mine" "Hey, do it other place please"

This is the theme of this Netsuke. Every year, I go to rocky shore for snorkelling and enjoy to look at sea creatures lives. Crabs are especially fascinating.

*Materials: Deer Antler, Buffalo Horn, Bamboo Coral, Paua/Abalone Shell(my sign on the shell)  

Japanese Big Salamander = "Oh-Sansho-Uo"

 Materials: Deer Antler, Buffalo Horn / 52mm

Japanese Big Salamander is told that they live 50 to 70 years and grow up to 1.5M (150cm). They are fully protected as National Natural Treasure.

Namazu / Japanese catfish

 *SASHI Netsuke  99mm

Japanese believe that they tell earthquake when it happens. 

Materials: deer antler, buffalo horn

 Howling Kirin     *SOLD

 Materials: Deer Antler, Gold Leaf, Tortoise Shell


Love Affair = 海岸での情事 (Affair on a Beach)

 Material: Deer Antler Crown


Komori / Bat           *NEW

Materials: Deer Antler Crown, Buffalo Horn

 38mm X 33mm X 14mm

Pufferfish=FUGU           *SOLD

Traditionally very popular fish for painting or art work  and eating. FUGU represents Good Fortune.

Materials: Deer Antler, Buffalo Horn

YOKAI Kumo-Onna= Yokai Spider woman

Materials: Deer Antler, Buffalo Horn, Ebony, Tortoise Shell

Half Human, Half Spider Yokai; Mysterious unidentified Japanese ghost.

Hide and Seek / Kakurenbo

Frog is on Lotus Leaf which is still not fully opened. A crab is inside of the Lotus Leaf.

When you push or pull the strings, the crab moves.

Materials : Warthog Tusk(Frog, Leaf), Deer Antler(Crab), Buffalo Horn, Abalone Shell

Dimensions: 42mm X 26mm X 17mm.      Crab =22mm.

Octopus SASHI Netsuke

 Materials : Deer Antler, Japanese Yellow Crystal 


*I left the original rough texture for showing Octopus skin.

Can be Worn as a Necklace

"Fields of Clouds"     Dragon swims in the Clouds.   *SOLD

Materials: Deer Antler Crown, Buffalo Horn

Dimensions : 80mm X 65mm X 22mm

*When I got this Crown, it looked like clouds. Been thinking the design for a while, and I carved dragon which is my born year zodiac animal.


 Mythical Monster that eats nightmares.

 Materials: Deer Antler, shell and Buffalo horn

 166mm long

Samurai Bat

Materials: Deer Antler, Buffalo Horn(Eyes, Family Crest)

70mm H

Smooth Fox Terrier

 Materials: Deer Antler, Buffalo Horn


"Drink under the Blossoms" : Oni enjoys drinking Sake

Muscular ONI is dinking Sake happily. His Left Leg is wrapped around left arm and hand.

He's got Tobacco pouch with KISERU-Zutsu(=Pipe case). On his right side, he is wearing HIOTOSHI / Hi-Hataki(Ash Tray)Netsuke with Leather Pouch which has "Hi-No-Yo-Jin" (=Precaution against Fire) written on it. Inside the pouch must have flint and steel. The last photo is comparison with real antique HIOTOSHI Netsuke which is made from Box Wood. Tobacco Pouch has MAEKANAGU (decorated Locking metal) which I used Brass to represent. 

 Materials: Deer Antler, Brass, Lignum Vitae

 46mm H

Himotoshi is formed in between right arm and leg

Oni having Moxa Treatment  *SOLD

 Long Haired Oni is having Moxa (MOGUSA in Japanese) Treatment on his right leg. The Moxa is lit on fire (really hot), so he is holding it with both hands together firmly and his cheek pushing the leg with force.

Materials : Deer Antler, Bamboo Coral, Buffalo Horn

40mm H

Otafuku (Ofuku) Netsuke

 Material: Deer Antler.    36mm

Can be worn as a Necklace


 Materials: Mammoth Ivory(Tusk), mother of Pearl

Karasu Tengu ~ Resting

 Sleeping/ Resting Karasu Tengu. The eyes look like narrowly open that I wanted to show his paying attention to his surroundings all the time.

*Materials: Deer Antler, Buffalo Horn (Tokin= Cap)


Hiding Crab 

 Materials: Deer Antler, Buffalo Horn, Abalone Shell.  38mmW x 18mmT

The crab is about 19mm wide.

*can be worn as a Necklace

Hiding Crab with a Stone

 Materials: Deer Antler, Buffalo Horn

80mm long. Can be worn as a Necklace

Yuki-Onna / Snow Woman #2

 Materials: Deer Antler, Mother of Pearl (Eyes), Beach Stone(Base)

comes with the stand

The Snow Woman is a kind of Yokai, she appears deep in the mountain when it's heavy snow and she blows out icy cold breath and freezes the people. Mother of Pearl shell Eyes to show the cold personality.


 Material: Deer Antler Crown/ This antler itself had been left in a bush for a while and it's got mossy outer colour even after sanding and polishing.

 Two SOTOBA /Stupa ( often stands by grave stone ) are carved on backside. 

Raiden(raijin) looking down through the cloud

 Raiden who makes thunder by drumming his Taiko drum(on his back),  looking down through the cloud.

Materials; Deer Antler, Buffalo horn        48mm

Rashomon #2

 Small Oni is crying on the Big Oni's hand which was cut by Samurai, Watanabe no Tsuna. The Bangle is carved out from the same piece of antler and is free to move. Small Oni is holding Juzu=beads for pray.

 Material: Deer Antler      50mm

Lady Octopus

 Materials: Deer Antler, Sheep Horn, Goat Horn

Secret Sign of "KAMA-WA-NU"

"KAMAWANU" means "I don't care", "Okay, you can do it". The sign was often seen at Martial Arts DOJO in Edo period as "I don't care you to watch our practice, but I DO care you challenge us". "KAMAWANU" sign got very popular after well-known Kabuki-actor wore Kimono with this sign"


Namazu / Japanese Earthquake Fish.     *SOLD

 materials: Wild pig / Boar Tusk, Buffalo Horn

 It is believed in Japan that you only could catch them using Gourd (that's why I signed in the shape of gourd). Others say that just before Earthquake happens, Namazu does special movement to tell it will happen.

Octopus and a Pot      *SOLD


 Materials: Deer Antler, 

*The Octopus is trying to get in a Pot. Octopus changes body colour, so I used Natural Antler Texture for it. Setting clay pots in the sea is one of traditional Japanese Octopus catching way.

Nine-Tailed Fox


Material:Deer Antler

*Nine-Tailed Fox is a kind of Yokai or mythical creatures. It appears only if the world is peace.


 Materials: Deer Antler Crown, Buffalo Horn(eyes)


Kiyohime /from the story of DoJo-Ji Temple

 Kiyohime just transformed herself to Jya (or can say Evil Dragon). She is holding bell striking stick .

 Material: Deer Antler

NOZARASHI , Left in the open

Material : Deer Antler.  / 60mm widest

The body left in the open on the battle field for long time. Respecting Samurai theme.

Japanese Shika Deer     *SOLD

 Japanese Shika(Sika) with Japanese Maple Leaf that represents October in Japan.

 Carved from Deer Antler. Buffalo horn inlaid for eyes.


Concentration / Frog meditating

 Materials: Deer Antler, Merino Sheep Horn and Goat Horn (right eye), Buffalo Horn (Left eye), Black mother of Pearl (Slug)


*The frog is on meditation, but he's been interrupted by a slug on his head. He's trying to concentrate but his face tells ....

White Snake 

 Materials: Deer Antler, shell


White Snake is believed it's the messenger of Shinto God in Japan. Special creature.

KUDARI-RYU = Dragon from the Heaven

Materials: Warthog Tusk, Mother of Pearl(eyes), Gold Leaf, Paua Shell,       105mm

NOBORI-RYU (rising to the heaven) and KUDARI-RYU are often seen as set. Once got in Heaven, then the Dragon has finished ascetic practices/training then it's turned KUDARI-RYU and coming down to the earth as God. 

can be worn as a necklace 

Giant Snail / Powelliphanta

 Materials: Deer Antler Crown, Gold Leaf, Turtle Shell, Goat Horn


 Dyed by Yasha and Japanese Sumi ink


       Materials: Deer Antler, Ebony.             41mm

 We see Birds do pick up feather or leaf, and they sometimes put it on their back. Our chicken do too. So I carved a Kiwi pick up silver fern on its back.


 Materials: tagua Nut, Goat horn

  *Ko-mori means Bat in Japanese, but I made this piece has two meanings by adding a baby bat. "Komori" means Parent embracing baby. So this Netsuke is "Ko-mori's KOMORI". (hope you understand what I mean)

“Another World” / Skeleton Netsuke *SOLD
Materials: Deer Antler, Paua shell(abalone inlaid as Sake on top of the bottle)
*When my wife saw this, “Oh, too much drinking and died” she said. But for me, this piece is that the newcomer( to the new world) is coming to see an old friend to drink and talk together(reunion), like “I’m here, mate!”.
Lotus leaf as an umbrella. He is holding a sake cup in between his feet.

Tuatara with Dinosaur Bone

 Materials: Deer Antler, Mother of Pearl.      40mm

 Can be worn as a Necklace 


 Materials: Mammoth Tusk, Buffalo Horn

 Dimensions: 68mmH x 39mmW x 20mmThickness

*as you can see from the third photo, this horse is carved from outer side of very old Mammoth Tusk(from Alaska). I meant and tried to keep darker colour as much as I can.

Crocodile Netsuke

 Materials: Deer Antler, Buffalo Horn


Firefly (Lightning Bug) = Hotaru on bamboo grass leaf

 Sashi type of Netsuke. Firefly sitting on a Leaf and making its bottom glowing.

*Materials: Deer Antler, Buffalo Horn, Gold Leaf, Shell


Spider on Kumara Leaf

 Materials: Wild Pig Tusk, Goat Horn(inlaid Eyes).       48mm

Iwami type Netsuke

Crab at Beach at night

 The Pig Tusk represents (crescent)Moon. Paua shell represents the water. The Crab came to the beach for laying eggs.

Deep Burrower (Panope zelandica)

 Material: Deer Antler


Sashi Netsuke or Necklace ( Holes are on the end of shell) or good for cabinet display (quite big piece)

Clam Netsuke

 Material: Mammoth Tusk


Kappa-maki (Kappa-Roll) / Sashi Netsuke

 Materials: Deer Antler, Paua Shell, Goat Horn


If you know the Kappa-maki in a menu of Sushi, that contains cucumber in the roll. Because Kappa is told that they love cucumber, so the sushi roll is named "Kappa-maki(=roll)". This netsuke shows cucumber is rolled by Kappa.

Toad (waking up from hibernation)

 Material: Deer Antler, Gold Leaf, Tortoise Shell

 63mm Length

I put Gold Leaf underneath of Tortoise Shell as eyes. So the eyes shimmer. 

Leaping Humpback Whale

 Materials: Deer Antler, Goat Horn(eyes), Paua Shell(on bottom)



 Materials: Deer Antler, Mother of Pearl, Goat Horn

*Can be worn as a Necklace


Snail on Lotus Leaf 2

 materials: Wild Pig Tusk, Abalone Shell, Goat Horn

 80mm in length

The inlaid Goat horn eyes for the snail are around 0.5mm(half a millimetre)