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If you have any enquiries, contact Fumio please. (for price enquiry, please indicate which one(s)  


Sitting Frog.  / Okimono Ornament

 Materials:Whale Tooth, Buffalo Horn


Calling Frog /  Okimono Ornament                *Sold

 Materials: Whale Tooth, Sheep Horn, Buffalo Horn

 24mm high

Oni Yarai / (Setsubun- festival)

 Matarials: Deer Antler, Tortoise Shell, Buffalo Horn, Gold Leaf, Lignum Vitae(wood)

 * The Oni demon is protecting himself from the beans thrown by the people who want keep their house bad thing free.

  Traditional seasonal event in Japan

Walrus Netsuke

Materials: Deer Antler, Water Buffalo Horn


Nioh and Oni / Sumo Netsuke

 Materials: Deer Antler, Water Buffalo Horn, Goat Horn

 80mm high

 *I was always thinking to make Sumo Netsuke one day. When I found a unique shaped Deer Antler, I just saw these two guys wrestling. It was so much fun the carving process from start to finish without looking anything photos or painting. My signature is in GUNBAI shaped area.

Kiwi #3 (Above).

       Materials: Deer Antler, Ebony

 Kiwi #2(Bellow)

       Materials: Deer Antler, Goat Horn


 Materials: tagua Nut, Goat horn

  *Ko-mori means Bat in Japanese, but this Netsuke has a baby bat. "Komori" means Parent embracing baby, so the title of this piece has two meanings. 

Red Eyed Frog

 Materials: Deer Antler, Tortoise Shell

White Snake.        *Sold

 Materials: Deer Antler, Goat Horn

 White snake is believed as a holy creature in Japan. Very special.

Clam Netsuke

 Material: Mammoth Ivory


Kappa-maki (Kappa-Roll) / Sashi Netsuke

 Materials: Deer Antler, Paua Shell, Goat Horn


If you know the Kappa-maki in a menu of Sushi, that contains cucumber in the roll. Because Kappa is told that they love cucumber, so the sushi roll is named "Kappa-maki(=roll)". This netsuke shows cucumber is rolled by Kappa.

Hide-and-Seek    *Sold

 Materials: Deer Antler Crown, Mother of Pearl, Goat Horn


Which is hiding? which is seeking? you can enjoy. 

Himotoshi is formed underneath third leg from right. You can hang it from a shell hole too.

Giant Snail / Powelliphanta

 Materials: Deer Antler Crown, Gold Leaf, Turtle Shell, Goat Horn


 Dyed by Yasha and Japanese Sumi ink

Crab on Lotus Leaf

 Materials: Whale Tooth, Goat Horn

 67.8mm,      can be worn as a Necklace,   finished Oct 2020

Crab on Beach at night

 The Pig Tusk represents (crescent)Moon. Paua shell represents the water. The Crab came to the beach for laying eggs.

Spider on Kumara Leaf

 Materials: Wild Pig Tusk, Goat Horn(inlaid Eyes)


Fujin, God of the Wind

 Materials: Hippopotamus Tooth, Deer Antler(face), Goat Horn(eyes)

 Dimensions: 36.4mm L X 30mm W X 14.5mm thickness

 *God of the wind is checking if his bag is collecting the power wind or not. finished October 2020

Octopus Sashi Netsuke.      *can be worn as a Necklace.       *Sold

 Materials: Deer Antler, Mother of Pearl(Eyes)


Shipworm (Teredo Antarctica)

 Material: Deer Antler


Sashi Netsuke or Necklace ( Holes are on the end of shell) or good for cabinet display (quite big piece)

Toad (waking up from hibernation)

 Material: Deer Antler, Gold Leaf, Tortoise Shell

 63mm Length

Leaping Humpback Whale

 Materials: Deer Antler, Goat Horn(eyes), Paua Shell(on bottom)



 Materials: Deer Antler, Mother of Pearl, Goat Horn


Fugu-Cyochin / Pufferfish Lantern 

 Cyochin=Lantern is common in Japan. People sometimes make it from Fugu/Pufferfish.

 Materials: Deer Antler, Mother of Pearl, Ebony(recycled from antique Piano key)


Zashiki-Taka=Jumping Spider / Netsuke

 Materials: Wild Pig Tusk, Goat Horn

 Dyed by Yasha and Sumi Ink


*On the back side, a wing and a leg of Fly are engraved. Those represent the Spider Hunted and ate. Fumio's signature is in Gourd shaped area.

Snail on Lotus Leaf 2

 materials: Wild Pig Tusk, Abalone Shell, Goat Horn

 80mm in length

The inlaid Goat horn eyes for the snail are around 0.5mm(half a millimetre)


Frog on a leaf of Bamboo Grass / Sashi Netsuke

 Material: Deer Antler, Goat Horn(frog's eye)

 115mm Length (Middle photo shows how to wear), Can be worn as a Necklace

Snail on Lotus Leaf       *Sold

 Materials: Deer Antler, Goat Horn, Paua Shell


Thinking Frog / KanGaeru.               *Sold

 Material: Deer Antler, SheepHorn, Goat Horn

 32mm high

Fukura Suzume = Lucky Sparrow / Netsuke .   Sold*

 Material: Deer Antler, Goat Horn


Ko-Oni trying to get Drum Stick .     *Sold

 While Ko-Oni(the son of Thunder God) was playing his Dad's drum(to make a thunder), he lost a stick and is trying to get it underneath of the cloud.

 Material: Deer Antler

KoOni is playing with Oni(Hannya) Mask        *Sold
42mm Netsuke
carved from Deer Antler
*KoOni is a kid of Demon/Ogre and is a bit naughty, but adorable rather than scary. He is trying to pretend he is big and scary.
"Himotoshi" holes are formed in between legs
I have checked the balance when I put cord and hung Inro, that was good. 
『鬼の面で遊ぶ小鬼』 42mm 鹿角

Koi Carp going up the waterfall / 鯉の滝登り  *Sold

Carved from Deer Antler with Paua shell(as a water pool on top and two little ones for water drops)

Popular design in Japanese Kakejyuku (scroll) .This particular design means "success" "accomplishment". Carp is believed as the only fish who can swim up water fall and the become Dragon.


Awabi / Paua/ Abalone  with Starfish/ Syunga (adult theme) Netsuke

 carved from Deer Antler Crown


The rim of the original Antler represents Paua's Foot

"Syunga" Netsuke

Hakuzosu = Fox in the disguise of a priest    

 One of the very popular Netsuke theme which I love too. This Hakuzosu alludes to the Kyogen plays "Tsurigitune" originating in the story of a priest of the Eitoku era(1381-1384) who worshiped the rice deity Inaba and was protected by three magic foxes. In the plays, a fox transforms itself into a priest and uses this disguise to warn humans of the dangers of pursuing its fellow animals. 

I carved this from Hippopotamus tooth. 80mm high.  *not available