Here are some commission works Fumio has done.  Some are un-disclosed and many Maori carvings are not shown here.


*AT THE MOMENT, FUMIO won't be able to take any commission.

Please DO NOT send any inquiries about commission, thank you.


Mouse / carved from Deer Antler / 29.5mm

Blue Cod 

Pig Tusk / carved from Cow Bone

Honey Bee

 Material: Water Buffalo Horn

 The client(Bee Keeper) brought the Horn as his wedding memorial Item.

Koi Carps as Yin-Yang form

 Materials: Cow Bone, Ebony, Goat Horn

Wahaika (as a Necklace)

 Materials: Whale Bone, Paua Shell, Goat Horn


Double Spiral

 Material: The Client's 22 years old Elk Antler (huge button was supplied by the client)

 70mm diameter

Crab on Lotus Leaf

 Carved from Whale Tooth. Paua shell, Goat Horn

 Whale tooth was supplied by the client

Mammoth from Mammoth Tusk

The client brought the Mammoth Tusk 

New Zealand Whaling 

 Cook Strait Whaling Scene(whaling finished in 1964) on a big sperm whale tooth which is from Marlborough Sounds (whaling period) . material supplied.

970g weight 


*looking back design means "brings you good fortune" in Japanese tradition

Blue Whale from JET.

JET is a petrified wood from UK. My hands got totally black while I was carving. And the dust is very sticky. It's quite brittle too. supplied material

Thinking Frog

Bull Skull Necklace

 carved from Deer Antler

for a musician

 cow bone, Paua Shell and Mother of pearl

Ying and Yang Ring

Carved from Deer Antler with Ebony, Ivory, Whale Bone and Goat Horn

Paua Shell Necklace with Paua Pearl

Material: Beef Bone, Paua Pearl

for a Paua Diver

Skeleton Netsuke


Deer Antler 

This Netsuke's idea comes from Hokkyo Sessai(1820~1879)'s Skeleton Netsuke. But this version has lower jaw and right hand ( Sessai's hasn't).

Kannon Bosatu and Hakuin's Blind Men with poem. Material supplied.

Crayfish / Ebi

Material; Deer Antler Crown(Wapiti) + Goat horn(inlaid eye)



Cow Bone

Inlaid eye = Turtle shell + Goat Horn

95mm length

 This is for a metal artist who loves Dragons. I could perfectly set an eye.  

Kaka for Irish Pipe

 *carved from Deer Antler for decoration of Irish Pipe 


Material: Elephant Seal tooth (supplied)

Horse Netsuke

Deer Antler Crown, Goat Horn

Himotoshi is formed in between of left hind leg.

Elephant / Tagua Nut

 The client's request was Elephant Netsuke from Tagua Nut.



 (Demon Catcher)


Syoki, a giant spiritual figure, was the protector of Emperor Genso(713-755). He is a god who excludes devils. He has big eyes, thick beard and mustache. Usually, he wears a black crown and gumboots. Holds a sword in right hand and a little devil in his left hand.

This Syoki was made to order for the client's finger as a ring.


Wedding Gift

carved from Deer Antler Crown

Rimu wood box with Paua shell

Name & Date plate : Deer Antler

Knife handle and Sheath

 Firstly I carved snake on the handle for my friend knife maker. Then he made the sheath, so I thought about what would be suitable. then I decided to carve Eagle which aiming to catch the snake. 

Sake Cups / Bamboo design

One of happy plants of congraturations ; Sho Chiku Bai

"Sho Chiku Bai" is the combination of Pine, Bamboo and Ume(plum). The three trees which endure the winter's cold were regarded as the three friends of the cold season and were a subject of pictures in ancient China as happy patterns.

Yeti Ring

The Client bought a skull ring before, and he wanted a custom made.

Bracelet / Bangle

The client's request was a crab bracelet. I chose a nicely curved deer antler to fit on wrist. Not only carving a crab, but also I carved the base as a Paua Shell(abalone). Finishing by connecting with leather strap.

Family Crest 

Kanzashi = Hair Pin

 A Japanese lady ordered me to make Kanzashi(Hair Pin) which has White Rose on Top.

Both of them are made from Deer Antler(Rose) and Rosewood.

Connected by 2.36mm diameter metal shaft.

While I was shaping the rosewood, it smelled like sweet rose which was nice and perfect for this Rose Kanzashi. 

Goku Ring (Son-Goku) 

 *carved from Deer Antler

Knife Handle / Deer Antler

The client brought brand new knife that had wooden handle. She asked me to carve Manaia or Taniwha on a Deer Antler. I took off the original handle and set the Antler, then carved like this.

Hannya Netsuke

      The client from Australia, he asked me to make a similar Netsuke which he had photos(or a piece). 30mm High. Small Netsuke which is made from Deer Crown. 

Wearable Battery Case / Deer Antler

This is a battery case made out of deer antlar.

The client needs to carry spare battery all the time for hearing aid. He wears and carries every day and told me that he was very happy about this piece.



Ancient Harpoon / replica