Updated : 23rd June 2017

     *New Netsuke will be coming soon / Hannya, Whale and Giant Squid           

     * New Netsuke Toad, Kiyohime/Dojoji on " Netsuke for Sale"

     *New Wood and Bone Hook for Sale on " Maori Carving"


Welcome to Fumio's Bone Art Gallery!!


Fumio is a Japanese artisan carver who lives in Nelson, New Zealand, AOTEAROA.

He started carving in the year 2000 under the guidance of David Paki who is a Maori Carving Teacher.

Fumio started carving traditional Japanese NETSUKE around 2007. He uses mainly deer antler, whale tooth and Tagua Nuts or anything similar to horn or tusk.(continue to About the Carver) His works are available at some selected galleries, Nelson Saturday Market and Te Papa(National Museum) Store in New Zealand.

Waka Shape Fish Hook
Waka Shape Fish Hook