Last Updated :15th JULY 2024


Welcome to Fumio's Bone Art Gallery!!


Fumio is a Japanese carving artisan who works and lives in Nelson since 2000. Born in Japan in 1964 and worked as a Journalist in Japan, Immigrated to New Zealand in 1999 with his family.

Fumio was fortunate enough to get tutored by a Maori carver, Dave Paki at the Maori Carving Academy in Christchurch. Since then, he produces contemporary style Maori Bone Carving and also carves traditional Japanese practical carving; Netsuke (miniature sculpture, worn on Kimono). Some of his works are combined with Maori and Japanese culture that makes his works very unique. 

Deer Antler and Cow Bone are the main materials for him, but he also carves whale bone, Pig Tusk and anything similar that are natural materials. The materials he uses had their own life before and Fumio tries to give them another life. Using very sharp handmade hand tools (Called HIDARIBA) enable him to make extremely detailed miniature wearable sculptures.  His diverse figures are humorous- sometimes human, sometimes animals or sea creatures, each of which is small enough to be held in your palm. (continue to About the Carver


*This site is managed by Fumio (myself). Editing, taking photos, writing description etc.., so this site may not look great like really professional ones. But I believe the works in this website are not as bad as web-design. : )   Thank you for visiting. Happy browsing!