These works are still available to purchase.


 Materials: Deer Antler, Goat Horn

Elephant Netsuke    *Sold

 Material: Deer Antler, Goat Horn
 Himotoshi is formed in between right front leg and back leg

Kai Kani Karei / Shell, Crab and Flat fish / Netsuke

 carved from recycled antique Ivory/ one of the early works but dyed by Yasha in 2019

Grazing Horse

 Material: Deer Antler Crown, Goat Horn(eyes)

 48mm tall

Dancing Octopus

 Material: Tagua Nut (Vegetable Ivory) , Tortoise Shell, Goat Horn

 49mm Length


 Tagua Nut(Vegetable Ivory), Inlaid Merino sheep horn & Goat Horn eyes



 Materials: Tagua Nut(Vegetable Ivory), Wild Goat Horn

46mm High

Kakapo is New Zealand Native Parrot. Nocturnal. Heaviest and flightless Parrot

Crab and Starfish

 Material: Deer Antler Crown, Goat Horn, Paua Shell / 48mm

Blue Whale

 Material: Tagua Nut, Goat Horn and Deer antler stand

 Himotoshi is formed in between the body and flipper

Cuttlefish Netsuke

 Material: Deer Antler, Mother of Pearl,Goat Horn

 67mm Long

"Day Dream" Lady Octopus  

 carved from deer antler

 Double inlaid eyes( Merino Sheep Horn and Wild Goat Horn)


Bean Pod / Sashi Netsuke, Necklace

  Material: Cow Bone

  127mm Length

Raiden wondering his drum stick / Private Collection

 Raiden or Raijin(God of Thunder ) who makes thunder by striking his drum. This Netsuke shows the Raiden has lost his one of his drum stick(Bachi) and he is wondering where it is. The drum stick is inlayed on backside by Ebony. It's falling down from the sky.

 *Material: Deer Antler crown, Goat Horn, Ebony

 *57mm (longest part)

 *can be worn as a necklace (vertical way or side way)

Oni ni Kanabo= Oni demon holds spiky metal bat = "Almighty"

 Japanese proverb says "Oni ni Kanabo" that means "Almighty".  If you let Oni have a Metal Bat (Spiked Club), he'll be strongest, Almighty.

 *Material: Deer Antler Crown, Goat Horn

 *50mm length

Nioh / Kongo rikishi "A"gyo Netsuke

 One of the Niohs who protect the Idol of the Temple

 This is "A" Gyo who is mouth open and stands western side of the gate

 carved from Deer Antler

61mm .   *can be worn as a Necklace

KoOmote mask/ Netsuke, can be worn as a Necklace

 KoOmote(young lady's play mask)

 Material: Deer antler, Japanese Urushi Lacquer


Namazu = Earthquake Fish

 carved from Cow Bone